Glebe Camping - General - (Various Days)


Situated in stunning meadows, the Glebe campsite is located just a few minutes walk from the Barn Bar, The Start, Chinawhite, Hospitality Enclosures, Reserved Parking and Standard Parking.

This campsite is suitable for all, from caravans and campervans to tents, on your own, families and groups.

We have full-time campsite wardens, toilet and shower facilities and a cafe at the Glebe.

Please ensure you book the correct section of the campsite depending on wheter you are in a tent or caravan/campervan.



Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 21


If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19, please be assured that you will have the option to either roll your ticket over to the following year or have a full refund.